The Vienna Prater

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Wiener Riesenrad  The Giant Ferris Wheel
An oasis of pleasure

Many people regard the Vienna Prater as just another fun-fair. But it´s much more than that: it´s a Viennese institution, like the coffee houses or the Heuriger (wine taverns).
Its landmark, and one of Vienna´s too, is the 65 metre high Giant Ferris Wheel.
It towers over the 200 booths in the Prater, the ghost train, go-karts and grotto railways, the merry-go-rounds
and fruit-machine halls, throwing and shooting galleries.

The Prater has something to offer for the whole family: take a ride with the children on the fairy-tale railway,
the children´s dodgems and the scenic railway.
Plummet down the extra-long slides, laugh yourselves crooked, bent, fat or thin in the hall of mirrors,
savour the romantic nostalgia of an old merry-go-round
or the great variety on offer from the Prater caterers: from pickled gherkins to boiled beef.

The wonders of the heavens await you in the Planetarium. And in the Prater Museum you can re-live
the greatest moments of this fun-fair.
Incidentally: each booth in the Vienna Prater is an independent enterprise -
which is why you don´t have to pay an admission charge to enter the Prater,
and also why the various attractions in the Prater don´t have uniform opening times.

Opening times for most of the attractions in the Prater are
from the beginning of March to the end of October - from morning to midnight.
Some attractions (ghost trains and grotto railways, dodgems, cafes and restaurants) are open throughout the year.

The Giant Ferris Wheel is open from February to November and around New Year´s.                                                                     

Amusements at the Vienna Prater

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