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historical vienna

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The Habsburg emperors once ruled a huge empire from Vienna.
The city is still dominated by the castles and places of the imperial seat: every year hundreds of thousands come to marvel at Schönbrunn, the magnificent imperial summer residence.
Visit the Imperial Coach Collection, the Palm House and the Butterfly House. Admire Belvedere Palace, the magnificent state rooms in the Hofburg, and the imperial crown in the Treasury.
Emperor Franz Joseph ordered the demolition of the city walls 130 years ago.
In their place the Ringstraße was built - the showplace of the monarchy.
Bordered by such important buildings as the State Opera, the Museums of Fine Arts and Natural History, Parliament, City Hall and
Vienna University.
Imperial delights for eyes and ears have been offered for centuries by the Spanish Riding School`s Lipizzaners. And the Vienna Boys`Choir.

The world capital of music. It provided a golden monument for its "Waltz King" Johann Strauss the genius of three-four time.
An inspired musician in a long line of great composers: Haydn and Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, Mahler and Schönberg all worked here.
A city with splendid concert halls, such as the Golden Hall in the Musikverein, from which the Philharmonic`s New Year`s Day concert is broadcast annually.
Stars from all over the world love to appear here: in the State Opera; the Volksoper; the Konzerthaus.
And at festivals like the Vienna Festival, the Klangbogen concerts during the Musical Summer, the Jazz Festval and the Haydn, Mozart and Schubert festivals.

The Viennese coffee is more than just a place to be drunk the coffee.
It is a belief . Epitome of leisure : reading newspaper sitting . Look . Write postcards. Map and Guides Study .
Once again consider the resurrected while shopping souvenirs.
And the way of the world - from the haven of cosiness. With a cup of coffee. Comfortable - this is also the wine taverns .

Thus, in Vienna , the wine of the harvest are called . And the places where it is served .
Grinzing and Sievering . Nußdorf and Neustift am Walde , Strebersdorf and Stammersdorf .
So hot wine tavern places in the suburbs. Here you sitting together . The round of drinks . Laughs . Sing .
The wine tavern musicians play it. And life is so easy.

The scene is like.
Lively , vibrant everyday . Whimsical and creative as Hundertwasser House Vienna.
Cool as the nights in the local scene . In the " Bermuda Triangle" .
And on the Spittelberg . Or around the Naschmarkt .

The scene is funny and colorful like the driving in the Prater amusement park . Leisurely like the Ferris wheel , the left makes his rounds .
Crazy like a trip to the beach of Copa Cagrana and carefree as the afternoons in the bays of the Danube Island .